2020 holiday baking list

by Brittney

From traditional european favorites to reimagined classics, our 2020 holiday baking list is filled with warming winter spices, festive flavors and, of course, chocolate! Whether you’ve been searching for the perfect hot chocolate recipe or you’re in need of christmas cookie ideas for a cozy day of baking, we’ve got you covered. Happy holidays from our kitchen to yours!

frosted gingerbread cupcake with cinnamon stick garnish

gingerbread cupcakes + cinnamon cream cheese frosting

These festive gingerbread cupcakes are perfectly spiced and ready in just 30 minutes! Serve them hot right out of the oven or enjoy them with our dreamy cinnamon cream cheese frosting!


zimtsterne on a plate

zimtsterne | german cinnamon star cookies

Our festive zimtsterne feature a light, crispy meringue glaze and deliciously chewy center. Made primarily with almonds, powdered sugar, cinnamon and egg whites, these beloved german christmas cookies may be one of the healthier treats you reach for this holiday season!


stack of linzer cookies

linzer cookies

These austrian classics feature raspberry jam sandwiched between two crispy spiced almond cookies. Dusted with powdered sugar and sure to impress, linzer cookies are sweet, salty and incredibly addictive!


baked pryaniki

pryaniki | russian honey spice cookies

Popular across Russia, these irresistible honey spice cookies or pryaniki are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea. The base of these delicious honey cookies is a simple caramel made with just sugar, water, honey and butter!


cinnamon rolls on a plate

cinnamon rolls

Enjoy the warmth of cinnamon and cardamom with these Scandinavian style cinnamon rolls! Swirls of cinnamon and sugar mixed into a light and soft dough make these rolls not only a great breakfast or dessert, but also a treat for the eyes!


close up of german chocolate cookie

german chocolate cookies

These little desserts are everything you love in a german chocolate cake, but in cookie form. Our german chocolate cookies start off with a rich chocolate thumbprint cookie that is then filled with toasted coconut and pecan frosting and topped with a drizzle of chocolate!


chocolate amaretto truffles rolled in cocoa powder

chocolate amaretto truffles

Maybe it’s the smooth, velvety ganache or the addition of sweet amaretto, but these truffles are pure bliss! Roll your delicious bites of joy in cocoa powder, chopped nuts or sprinkles for an unforgettably indulgent treat!


italian hot chocolate with whipped cream

homemade hot chocolate

This decadently rich and creamy homemade hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm your soul on a cold winter morning. Try our european-style hot chocolate with a bit of whipped cream, a dash of amaretto or a few candy canes for a festive twist!


raspberry joulutorttu

joulutorttu | finnish christmas pastry

While these flaky Finnish pastries are most often baked for Christmas, joulutorttu are great for breakfast or brunch any time of the year! To make these treats, just follow our simple instructions for an easy pastry dough and top them with your favorite jam.


close up of chocolate chip marzipan cookie

chocolate chip marzipan cookies

These classic brown butter chocolate chip cookies get a festive twist with the addition of sweet marzipan. Slightly crispy around the edges with a deliciously chewy center, our chocolate chip marzipan cookies are always a favorite!

And if these holiday bakes aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth,
you can check out more of our favorite treats here!

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