apple cider mimosas

by Brittney

Kick off your autumn brunch with these delightfully easy apple cider mimosas! Make your fall cocktails extra special by adding a cinnamon sugar rim and garnishing them with apple slices and cinnamon sticks!

We go through quite a lot of apple cider during the autumn months — we sip on it warmed up with a splash of brandy and love to add it to all types of cakes, muffins and donuts! Today I’m sharing with you one of our favorite ways to enjoy the refreshing drink: apple cider mimosas!

apple cider mimosa with cinnamon sugar

apple cider mimosas

After I made several batches of these baked strawberry and champagne donuts last week, I had quite a bit of leftover champagne on my hands and what better way to use it than to make festive autumn cocktails!

This recipe is incredibly simple with just two main ingredients: apple cider and champagne. Champagne can be expensive, but you can substitute it for prosecco or really any sparkling wine! Just make sure to choose something more on the dry side as the apple cider is already bringing enough sweetness to the cocktail. 

As for the apple cider to champagne ratio, I find that my favorite mimosa uses equal parts of both, but you can definitely adjust to taste!

apple cider mimosa with cinnamon stick

that cinnamon sugar rim

Because this cocktail is so simple, I like to add a few bells and whistles. Namely, that beautiful cinnamon sugar rim! I make the cinnamon sugar mixture with both brown and granulated sugar to get a darker color, but using just granulated sugar would work as well!

To make the cinnamon sugar rim, you’ll first need to dip the glass into a shallow plate layered with maple syrup, honey or even a bit of apple cider. I like to use maple syrup for these mimosas — it seems to be the perfect consistency to stick to the cinnamon sugar without dripping down the sides. Then just dip the glass into the cinnamon sugar mixture and twist a bit to make sure it’s well coated!

While you can definitely serve your apple cider mimosas in the traditional flutes, I like to pour them into wider stemless glasses to have enough room to garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks!

mimosa surrounded by flowers
apple cider mimosa with cinnamon sugar

apple cider mimosas

serves: 1 prep time:
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for one cocktail
  • apple cider ¼ c (60 ml)
  • champagne ¼ c (60 ml)
cinnamon sugar rim
  • brown sugar 2 tbsp
  • granulated sugar 2 tbsp
  • cinnamon 1.5 tsp
  • maple syrup 2 tbsp
garnishes (optional)
  • - apple slices
  • - cinnamon sticks


  1. Make the cinnamon sugar (this is enough for 6-8 cocktails): Mix together the sugar and cinnamon and spread onto a shallow plate. Pour the maple syrup in a thin layer on a second plate.
  2. Dip the rim of the glass into the syrup and then into the spice mixture. Twist to coat well.
  3. Pour in the apple cider and champagne. Garnish each cocktail with a cinnamon stick and apple slices.

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