comfort food dinner recipes

by Brittney

This collection of recipes features the meals we turn to when we find ourselves in need of something extra nourishing or indulgent.

From modern takes on childhood classics to recently discovered favorites, these are the soul warming foods that we crave after a difficult week or to brighten a dreary day. Whether you’re in need of a rich and satisfying stew or a cozy weeknight dinner, we hope you’ll find warmth and comfort in these dishes!

close up of curry mixed with rice

chickpea and lentil curry

This naturally vegan chickpea and lentil curry is a flavorful and healthy weeknight dinner that comes together quickly! 

dijon mustard sauce spooned onto lamb

reverse sear rack of lamb with dijon mustard sauce + herby farro

The reverse sear is an incredibly easy method to get perfectly cooked rack of lamb every single time! Our lamb dinner is served over a bed of herby farro and topped with a delicious two-ingredient dijon mustard sauce!

small pot of marigold braised beef and walnut stew

georgian yakhni (marigold braised beef and walnut stew)

Tender beef short ribs braised in a thick walnut sauce and spiced with dried and ground marigold petals, this yakhni is a festive dish with bold flavors! It’s spicy, invigorating and perfect served with crusty bread on a chilly day!

bowl of borscht with sour cream


This soul warming beet soup is hearty, nourishing and full of flavor! It’s packed with veggies and best served with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of dill!

plate of runzas

homemade runzas

Our delicious homemade runzas feature freshly baked bread stuffed with a flavorful beef, onion and cabbage mixture! Make a batch now and freeze some for later — these little pocket sandwiches make for a comforting lunch on the go!

two bowls of barley soup with mushrooms

mushroom barley soup

With a burst of umami from a combination of dried and fresh mushrooms, this hearty barley soup is a bowl of comfort on a cold day.

french onion soup with cheesy bread topping

french onion soup

The base for this classic soup recipe is a rich and savory broth flavored with caramelized onions! Top off each bowl with a piece of crusty baguette and a handful of shredded gruyere and you’ve got a french onion soup recipe that is both insanely delicious and budget friendly!

slow roasted duck with duck fat potatoes

slow roasted duck and potatoes + braised red cabbage

Crispy slow roasted duck served alongside savory duck fat potatoes and delicious braised red cabbage — this czech-inspired feast is perfect for your next holiday celebration!

plate of fried chebureki

chebureki (fried beef pockets)

Popular across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, these Crimean Tatar pastries are filled with incredibly juicy ground beef. Homemade chebureki are perfect as an appetizer, on-the-go snack or even main dish!

plate with crispy chicken thigh and creamy spinach artichoke orzo

creamy spinach artichoke chicken and orzo skillet

This one skillet spinach artichoke chicken bake is a comforting and flavor-packed meal perfect for busy weeknights!

And if you’re in need of more satisfying and hearty mains, you can find our most recent recipes here!

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