How to make a salami rose

Salami roses are the perfect way to elevate your snack platters and charcuterie boards! Plus they're super easy and fun to make!

Make sure to use thinly sliced salami and choose a glass with a diameter of about 2 inches (5 cm).

Step 1: Fold the first slice of salami over the rim of a glass.

Half of each slice of salami should overlap with half of the preceding slice. Continue until the hole in the middle begins to close.

Step 2: Continue folding salami slices over the rim of the glass.

Pressing down helps to set the rose. Then, gently pull the glass away to reveal the salami rose.

Step 3: Flip the glass upside down and press down.

Use the salami roses for charcuterie boards, snack platters and breakfast boards!

Step 4: Gently fan out the rose.

For the full instructions, you can find our full guide to making salami roses here:

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