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Rice Stuffed Pumpkin

This Rice Stuffed Pumpkin recipe makes for a festive Thanksgiving side dish or hearty vegetarian main!

Make sure to choose a sugar pumpkin, also marketed as pie pumpkin. They have a sweeter flesh and smoother texture compared to jack-o'-lantern pumpkins.

Choose Your Pumpkin

Cut off the top (but reserve it for cooking) and scoop out the seeds and pulp.

Prep The Pumpkin

Parboil the rice, saute the onion and then just mix everything together!

Make The Rice Stuffing

Place the stuffing in the pumpkin and pour a bit of vegetable broth over the top.

Stuff The Pumpkin

Place the lid back on the pumpkin and bake for about an hour.

Cover And Bake

Cut the pumpkin into slices and serve with a portion of the rice stuffing.

Serve and Enjoy!

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