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Avocado  Shake


Salmon Rice Bowls

This simple weeknight meal is both hearty and healthy!


Step 1

Glaze and Broil the salmon

First we brush the salmon with a simple soy glaze and then broil to perfection! Broiling salmon is easy and creates a seared crust while the inside remains juicy!

Step 2

make the sushi rice

You'll need just rice vinegar, sugar and salt to season your rice!

Step 3

Add your favorite veggies!

We love avocado, cucumbers, edamame and carrots. Plus a drizzle of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil for extra flavor!

This well-balanced meal is one of our favorites for a quick weeknight dinner when we're in need of something nourishing that doesn't skimp on flavor!

You can find us here for more easy dinner ideas!

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