About Viktor

Hi and welcome to our website! I’m Viktor Kapustin and I am the one who keeps the lights on at Whisked Away Kitchen. While Brit writes those delicious recipes, I take care of all the technical stuff: hosting, CDN, configuration, coding, you name it. And occasionally I even share recipes myself!

Growing up in the Russian Arctic meant limited food choices. I did not really develop a love of food or try new ingredients until much later. That changed, however, once I met Brit and she shared her love of food with me.

I felt like I missed a lot of food experiences while growing up and I tried my best to catch up by learning, trying and cooking as much I could. Eventually that also gave me a new perspective on the dishes I tried in my childhood and it affects my cooking now.

The early influences of Russian and Scandinavian cuisines, as well as fresh seafood and abundant berries have inspired many of my recipes.


I moved from Russia to Norway to study economics and language at Norwegian Arctic University in Tromsø. Cooking on a budget in a dorm kitchen when groceries are expensive and choices are limited meant I had to adapt the way I cook. But there was an unexpected bright side — every winter, when polar night descended on the town and it was too cold to spend time outside, our dorm kitchen would turn into a bustling space, where friends and neighbors from all over the world came to cook and share food together.

After three years in Norway, I moved to Prague to complete my Master’s Degree at Charles University. There I met Brit and we traveled to multiple countries together, discovering new dishes and ingredients.


After getting our Master’s degrees, Brit and I moved to Nebraska. I currently work as an economist for the State of Nebraska in the area of rural telecommunications. Whether I am behind my work desk or in the kitchen, I enjoy learnings new methods and tinkering with techniques.