Guava Cheesecake

This creamy Guava Cheesecake is all about the tropical flavors — one bite and you’ll be transported to an island paradise!

Our Guava Cheesecake Recipe features a crunchy graham cracker crust, lime-infused cheesecake and sweet guava swirl. The guava topping is made with one ingredient — guava paste or pasta de guayaba. It can easily be found in the Latin American aisles of most major grocery stores in the US.

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Cheesecake on serving platter cut into slices.

Key ingredients

Lime zest and guava paste infuse this guava cheesecake with fresh tropical flavor!

Measured ingredients to make guava cheesecake.
  • Graham crackers are used for the crust. Pulse them in a food processor or place them in a zip-top bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
  • Unsalted butter is combined with the graham crackers to bind the crust together.
  • Full fat cream cheese in brick form is best for this recipe. Make sure to soften before using.
  • Granulated sugar adds the perfect amount of sweetness.
  • Lime zest gives the cheesecake filling a bright, tangy flavor that complements the richness of the cream cheese and sweetness of the guava.
  • Flour isn’t a necessary ingredient for structure, but adds a nice cake-like mouthfeel.
  • Sour cream lightens up the cheesecake texture and adds a nice tanginess.
  • Eggs provide structure and contribute to the rich and creamy texture of a baked cheesecake.
  • Guava paste, or pasta de guayaba, is the star of our cheesecake! It’s a jelly-like confection that is made from red guavas and sugar and is popular in many Latin American countries.

Where to buy guava paste: You can find guava paste or pasta de guayaba in the Latin American aisle of most major supermarkets, Latin American grocery stores or online. I have tested this recipe with several brands of guava paste, including Iberia guava paste and Conchita guava paste, and both worked well.

Step by step instructions and photos

Equipment: You’ll need a 9-inch springform pan for this guava cheesecake recipe.

Graham cracker crust in springform pan before baking.

Step 1: Make the crust. Combine the melted butter, crushed graham crackers and salt. Press into a greased springform pan and up the sides. Bake for 10 minutes then let cool.

Lime zest rubbed into small bowl of sugar to release flavor.

Step 2: Rub the lime zest into the sugar. This helps the zest to release its oils, which will give your cheesecake the best lime flavor.

Sugar, flour and salt added to soft cream cheese.

Step 3: Beat the cream cheese and mix with the lime-infused sugar, flour and salt. Continue mixing until the mixture is smooth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.

Sour cream and vanilla extract in cheesecake batter.

Step 4: Add the sour cream and vanilla extract. Mix until completely incorporated with no lumps.

Beating the eggs into the cheesecake batter one at a time.

Step 5: Add the eggs one at a time. Beat after each addition. Make sure not to overmix here. Once the eggs are fully incorporated, stop mixing.

Cheesecake in springform pan before adding guava swirl.

Step 6: Pour the cheesecake batter into the crust. Make sure the crust is completely cool before adding the batter.

Cubes of guava paste in a small saucepan with water.

Step 7: Cut the guava paste into cubes and place in a saucepan. Add a bit of water and cook, stirring and mashing, until the guava becomes smooth and jam-like in consistency.

Guava jam in small dish.

Step 8: Let the guava jam cool slightly. You can add it to the cheesecake while the jam is still warm, but it shouldn’t be hot.

Adding lines of guava paste on top of cheesecake to make swirl.

Step 9: Add the guava jam to the cheesecake. You can add dollops of jam or pipe vertical lines.

Cheesecake before baking.

Step 10: Use a knife or toothpick to swirl the guava jam. If you made vertical lines, use a knife to make horizontal lines, dragging the lines into each other.

Baked cheesecake in springform pan.

Step 11: Bake the guava cheesecake. Bake until the edges of the cheesecake are set but the center still jiggles when gently moved.

Baked guava cheesecake after releasing from springform pan.

Step 12: Allow the cheesecake to set and release from the pan. Cool the cheesecake to room temperature, then transfer to the refrigerator for at least six hours before releasing from the springform pan.

Storage and freezing

This guava cheesecake will keep covered in the fridge for 5-7 days.

Guava cheesecake can also be frozen for up to three months. To freeze, wrap the whole cheesecake or individual slices in a layer of plastic wrap followed by a layer of aluminum foil. You can place the cheesecake in the freezer for one hour uncovered before wrapping to make this easier.

To defrost, let the cheesecake sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Expert tips and tricks

  • Prepare the pan. Make sure to grease the springform pan. If you want to transfer your cheesecake to a cake stand, I also recommend placing a circle of parchment paper in the pan for easy removal.
  • Use room temperature ingredients. Using room temperature cream cheese and sour cream ensure that the ingredients can seamlessly blend together for a smooth texture.
  • Don’t over-swirl the guava paste. Resist the urge to keep swirling your guava jam or it will disappear into your cheesecake. It will still taste amazing, but won’t be quite as beautiful.
  • Let the cheesecake set before removing from the springform pan. Baked cheesecakes aren’t fully set until they sit in the fridge for at least six hours or overnight. This time is necessary for the cheesecake to firm up and develop its ultra creamy texture.

Recipe variations

  • Use a different cookie for the crust. Biscoff cookies and Nilla Wafers are two great options for this guava cheesecake recipe!
  • Add more tropical flavor! When pulsing the graham crackers in the food processor, add a handful of unsweetened coconut flakes. Or consider serving your guava cheesecake with coconut whipped cream!
  • Switch out the lime zest. Substitute orange zest or lemon zest in the cheesecake batter for a different flavor.
Baked cheesecake with swirl of sweet guava paste throughout.


What does guava taste like?

Guava is a tropical fruit that almost tastes like a mix of strawberry and pear with a hint of pineapple. It’s sweet with floral notes and has a soft and juicy texture when ripe.

Where can I buy guava paste?

You can buy guava paste online, in your local Latin American stores and even in many larger grocery stores in the US (generally found in the Latin American aisle).

Can you freeze guava cheesecake?

Yes! Guava cheesecake can be frozen for up to three months.

How do I know when my guava cheesecake is done?

Your cheesecake is done when the edges are set. The center will still be quite wobbly when gently moved. If you’re unsure, you can check the internal temperature of your cheesecake with an instant read thermometer. The temperature should be 145°F (63°C) when you turn off the oven.

Slice of velvety smooth cheesecake on a plate.

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Overhead view of baked cheesecake slices with guava swirl.

Guava Cheesecake Recipe

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  • Author: Brit Kapustina
  • Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Yield: 12
    • Prep Time: 20 minutes
    • Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
    • Category: Dessert
    • Method: Cheesecake
    • Cuisine: Global


Graham Cracker Crust

  • 2 cups (215 gramscrushed graham crackers (about 14 graham crackers)
  • 5 tablespoons (70 gramsunsalted butter, melted
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt

Cheesecake Filling

  • 32 oz (900 gramsfull-fat cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1.5 cups (300 gramsgranulated sugar
  • lime zest from 1 lime
  • 3 tablespoons (22 gramsall purpose flour
  • ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 cup (240 gramssour cream, room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 4 large eggs

Guava Swirl

  • 7 ounces (200 grams) guava paste, cut into cubes
  • ¼ cup water


Graham Cracker Crust

  1. Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C) and lightly grease a 9-inch (23 cm) springform pan.
  2. Mix together the finely crushed graham crackers, melted butter and salt until well combined. Firmly press the mixture into the bottom of the pan and slightly up the sides.
  3. Bake for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Guava Swirl Cheesecake

  1. Prepare the guava paste. Combine the guava paste and water in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir and mash for approximately 10 minutes or until the mixture is smooth in consistency. Set aside to cool slightly.
  2. Prepare the cheesecake filling. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment or using a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese for several minutes until smooth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as necessary.
  3. Rub the lime zest into the sugar to release the oils from the zest. Add the sugar, lime zest, flour and salt to the cream cheese. Continue beating until smooth.
  4. Mix in the sour cream and vanilla extract until fully incorporated.
  5. Add the eggs one at a time, beating after each addition on low speed until just combined. Make sure not to overmix.
  6. Pour the cheesecake batter into the cooled crust.
  7. Make the guava swirl. Dollop the guava paste over the cheesecake and use a knife or toothpick to swirl. To make the swirl pictured in my photos, pipe or spoon the guava paste into four vertical lines. Then use a knife to drag the lines across each other horizontally.
  8. Bake the cheesecake. With the oven still at 325°F (160°C), place the cheesecake on the center rack. To safeguard against any leakage, you can also place the cheesecake on a foil-lined pan. Bake for 30 minutes.
  9. Reduce heat to 250°F (120°C). Slightly crack the oven door for the first several minutes to help the oven cool more quickly. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until the edges are set. The center will still be quite wobbly.
  10. Turn off the oven and crack the oven door 2 inches (5 cm). Let the cheesecake sit in the warm oven for another 30 minutes. Remove the cheesecake from the oven and allow to cool at room temperature for 2 hours.
  11. Transfer to the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before releasing from the springform pan.


Checking your cheesecake: Your cheesecake is ready when the edges are set. The center will still jiggle when moved. If you’re unsure, you can use an instant read thermometer to check. The cheesecake is ready when it reaches145°F (63°C).

Storage: You can store guava cheesecake covered in the fridge for 5-7 days or freeze for up to 3 months.

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